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Guide2Dubrovnik provides you with everything you need to get the most from your trip to this exciting historical city.

Exciting Stories

Guide2Dubrovnik provides audio stories for all of the city's landmarks! Over 3 hours of quality audio content. Each audio story is 1-2 minutes long and contains the most fascinating and historically correct information, so much of which you will NOT find in most travel guide books or online!

Offline Maps

Guide2Dubrovnik on your device provides an OFFLINE city map. All content is stored on your device so you don't need to worry about mobile charges or streaming connectivity while enjoying the city. If you’re more comfortable going old school and are not ready to give up a paper map, you can also print a map of the city here to use along with your audio guide.

GPS Tracking

Guide2Dubrovnik tracks your movement with GPS and gives you exact distances to each landmark.

No internet connection is required.

Test drive

With the Guide2Dubrovnik you get all the interesting and accurate historical information, but also fascinating facts, legends and stories about this ancient city.


Inside the App

Guide2Dubrovnik gives you all the information you need to enjoy the top city attractions. It provides information on how to get around the city and suggests the best local cuisine to experience. It also maps out several walking tours to get the most from your visit.


Get the app now! This is the first complete city audio guide application of its kind in Dubrovnik.

The content of this audio guide was carefully produced to help you plan and enjoy your visit to Dubrovnik.


The Guide2Dubrovnik app is free to download.

Listen to some of the interesting facts and stories about the city, and when you fall in the love with it, choose the desired in-app purchase to unlock the entire content. The complete app with all of its professional audio content, functionality and local discounts is available for a fair and affordable price.

Simply download the app from the AppStore or GooglePlay. Setup is automatic and all the content will be available anytime you need it - even when you are offline.

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This project enriches the city's tourist offering, promotes the incredibly rich and exciting history of Dubrovnik and enables each visitor to experience this magical city in their own unique way.

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